In Re: Syngenta Litigation Case No. 27-cv-15-3785 (Hennepin County, Minnesota District Court)

China was a large importer of U.S.-grown corn, until Syngenta prematurely released a GMO seed variety that China had not approved for import. China’s ban on U.S. corn contributed to falling prices that hurt corn farmers across the country. Representing hundreds of Midwest corn growers, Wagstaff & Cartmell took an active role in the Minnesota state court litigation that helped lead to a national, global settlement of $1.51 billion.

About The Case

Wagstaff & Cartmell attorney, Ty Hudson, was appointed to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee of nine attorneys selected to prosecute a consolidation of more than 50,000 individual actions and a Minnesota state-wide class action brought by corn farmers and other entities against Syngenta alleging that the company prematurely released genetically modified corn seed that led to a de facto embargo on U.S. corn by China. In 2018, a federal court gave final approval to a nationwide global settlement of $1.51 billion.



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