Medtronic MiniMed Insulin Pump Recall: Legal Options for Those Affected

Introduction: This recall, prompted by a malfunction involving a broken or missing retainer ring, has raised concerns about the potential for insulin overdose or underdose, with serious consequences.

Recall Details: The recall encompasses more than 3000,000 pumps in the U.S., following more than 25,000 complaints, in excess of 2,000 injuries and even reported deaths.  Users were urged to check for retainer ring damage, discontinue use if found, and seek medical advice for alternative insulin dosing or symptoms of illness.

Device Overview: The MiniMed Insulin Pump, which features multiple models, is a compact device designed for automatic insulin delivery.  It operates on the principle of a “closed-loop” system, aiming to mimic an artificial pancreas.

User Instructions and Health Risks: Users have been advised to inspect their pumps for retainer ring integrity, cease usage if damage is detected, and contact healthcare providers for manual insulin dosing guidance. Signs of hypo or hyperglycemia should be monitored closely, and severe symptoms treated as medical emergencies.

Recall History: This is not the first time Medtronic faced recalls for its insulin pumps. Prior recalls involved concerns ranging from cybersecurity and software vulnerabilities to mechanical malfunctions, suggesting recurring safety challenges associated with the MiniMed devices.

How We Can Help: Contact us via email at or call attorney Brandon Henry at (816) 701-1127 to discuss your case. Wagstaff & Cartmell is dedicated to seeking justice for those affected by these recalled products. Let us assist you in understanding your legal options and pursuing the compensation you deserve.


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