Talcum (Talc) Powder

Talc was the key ingredient in baby powder until 2020, when Johnson & Johnson discontinued its talc-based baby power in the United States.  It was eventually discontinued worldwide in 2022.  The soft mineral talc is made up of silicon, oxygen, and magnesium. Typically, talc is colorless, although it can also be beige, white, or grey.  Some samples of talc sold for cosmetic use in the United States have also been found to be contaminated with asbestos.

Ovarian cancer can arise from talc particles that enter the ovaries and cause cancer cells to proliferate. According to experts, around 20% of American women regularly applied talc-containing baby powder on their intimate areas. Studies on ovarian cancer that date back to the 1970s have suggested a potential connection between talc use in the vaginal area and the disease. According to recent research, women who use talcum powder have a 40% increased risk of ovarian cancer. Researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston discovered that women who used talc once a week had a 36% higher risk of ovarian cancer in a study including over 3,000 women. They discovered that women who regularly used talc powder had a risk that was 41% higher.

For many years, talc could be found in many daily products that are used on the body. Many have been discontinued or reformulated to use a non-talc alternative such as corn starch, but some are still sold today. Some past and current uses of talcum powder are as follows:

  • Foot powder (e.g., Dr. Scholl’s)
  • Baby powder (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Feminine hygiene products (e.g., certain pads, Summer’s Eve Powder)
  • Gold Bond
  • Shower to Shower

Talcum powder lawsuits allege that the talc-based products can cause:

  • Lung cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Stomach cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Other forms of cancer and serious illnesses

Wagstaff & Cartmell is investigating potential claims of cancer victims who have regularly used talcum powder.  If you have diagnosed with cancer after using a talc-based product,  please contact us by using the online form or by calling our office at 816-701-1100 so that we may better evaluate your potential claim.

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