Troubled Teen Industry Lawsuits

Wagstaff & Cartmell is currently pursuing cases against the Troubled Teen Industry (also known as “TTI”).  The Trouble Teen Industry is a network of youth residential treatment facilities, therapeutic boarding schools, religious academies, drug rehabilitation centers, and wilderness programs that targets, exploits, and injures struggling children and teenagers.

The Troubled Teen Industry originated over 50 years ago and is operated by private companies, nonprofit organizations, and faith-based groups.  The industry markets itself as a safe place for youth struggling with behavioral problems, addiction, eating disorders, sexual orientation, gender identity, and mental health issues.  The industry purports to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for struggling youth, including mental health services and on-site classes to allow youth to continue their education.

Despite these claims, at TTI facilities, children and teenagers are often subjected to physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse, rape (by staff and/or other residents), food deprivation, forced unpaid labor, solitary confinement, exposure to harsh conditions, various forms of physical restraint, improper administration of drugs, and lack of necessary medical care. Sadly, at many of these facilities, youth are not permitted to contact their parents or guardians, or such contact is extremely limited, to prevent the truth about this horrific industry from becoming exposed.

In a Trouble Teen Industry lawsuit, possible recoverable damages include, but are not limited to:

  • pain and suffering from physical, emotional, and mental injuries;
  • medical and psychological treatment and expenses;
  • past and future lost income;
  • diminished future earning capacity;
  • loss of enjoyment of life; and
  • possible punitive damages.

Our team is committed to seeking justice for victims of the Troubled Teen Industry.  If you or someone you know has been affected by this industry and would like a free consultation, please call us at 816-701-1140 or email us at


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