Professional Liability – Non-Medical

Wagstaff & Cartmell’s Professional Liability team proudly represents members of the professional community across a variety of occupations.

  • We proudly represent Kansas City institutions
  • Midwest leader in professional liability cases

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Highly respected professional litigation we’re proud of

At Wagstaff & Cartmell, our professional liability expertise extends to accountants, insurance brokers, attorneys and other professionals who are held to a high standard of care in providing client services.

As mutual members of the professional community, we recognize the sacrifice of those called to service professions. Similar to healthcare defense, our expertise stems from decades of experience with area judges, juries and adversaries. We routinely handle pre-suit investigations; lawsuits throughout Missouri, Kansas and other states; and matters involving issues of licensing, disciplines, staff privileges and other similar matters before administrative agencies and regulatory boards.

We’re happy to help whatever the case may be.

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